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Coated Fabric

Our Coated Fabrics Div continues the Swedish traditions of excellence, reliability and service to customers. Technology from Europe's leading specialists in PU/Acrylic/Rubber for polymer coated fabrics - assures constant flow of visible and non-visible coatings on any substrate that customers have. Our objective is to achieve excellence in the quality of our products, efficiency in production and a delivery system which meets the changing needs of customers. To realize these objectives we place the highest value on the skill of personnel at all levels, and on the continual development of technical expertise and polymeric research and development.


The soldier's need for a high standard for protective clothing and gear demands excellent fabric and premium coating quality. As a major supplier of special purpose fabrics, we meet the future needs of our armed forces. Serious attention is paid to bringing new developments across the world for our armed forces, should a military need arise. The professional airforce applications need the discipline created by our long experience of working to American Quality and accepted Practice standards and to ISO 9001:2008 enables us to cope to meet the most exacting of standards.

Coatings for the military
These include Polyurethane and Acrylics and other specialty polymers. These are applied to base fabrics which can be plain, textured, dyed or disruptively patterned.

End-use applications
These include rucksacks, tents, foul weather clothing, tarpaulins and camouflage garments, Parachute-Supply Droppings, MIG Brakes, Man Dropping.

Application : Protective covers
Coated Polyester fabrics both in heavy and light weights, Nylon-Polyamide or Polyester fabrics in heavy and light weights are generally sold for protection covers. Environmental and industrial conditions require specific additives, such as fungicides and UV absorbers to prolong the life of the cover, or Anti-static and Fire Retardant. Fabrics are available in both clear coated or visible coatings.
Colours=any pantone shades can be made. Max:Width:150Cms

Static sheets
Scaffold sheets
Market stalls
Container caps
Trailer Awnings
Pond covers
Salvage sheets
Side curtains
Welding curtains
Pond liners
Fumigation sheets

Application Sport & Leisure
Several sports and sporting goods application puts enormous stress on textiles. Our application and Research & Development laboratory could suggest a suitable material to withstand the stresses and strains of your end use.
Notice the trims for nets on the tennis courts at Wimbledon ?
The traditional boat covers and sports mats, one of our diverse range of products will be "fit for purpose" .

Boat covers
Foam filled toys
Tennis net bands
Shower-proof bags
Swimming pool covers
Bouncy castles
Sports bags
Inflatable boats
Sport field covers

APPLICATION :Specific application products
Our coated fabrics can be put to many and diverse uses. Our Application Lab can work on yours needs to develop a feasible combination of Fabric and coating for your end use. Customers bring in their basic fabric and improvements are suggested by our
Technical Specialists.

Flexible ducting
Sound insulation
Post office sorting systems
Lighting reflectors
Mattress covers
Automotive textiles
Road tape
Security bags
Marine anti-pollution barriers

APPLICATION :Protective clothing

Protective clothing is increasingly an important business application. Our experience in specialty fabrics proves invaluable. Factory, on the sea, in oil or chemical related industries, in construction or food processing, Electronic or Hospital applications - our specialty textiles will perform the job. Eg: Industrial clothing - chemical, oil, and grease resistant and high-visibility garments (to EN471 Standards).

Jacket yokes and flashes
Fishing garments
Motorcycle clothing
Oil Rigs
Chemical Factories
Safety Shoes


Fabrics are Weather Resistant-- Tough and supple fabrics to withstand the Hot Dessert Storms of Rajasthan & Sahara to the Cold freezing Arctic/Alpine Conditions of the Himalayas and the North Sea . New colours and finishes gives customers the freedom to change their end products to meet changing demands in colour and appearance in camping equipment.

Caravan awnings
Tent Windows
Mosquito Nets
Tent mudflaps
Tent roofs& walls& lining

Our Technical Textiles Div now offers waterproof, breathable fabrics in India
These are lightweight breathable fabrics which are windproof, waterproof, and breathable.

The resulting fabrics protect the user with comfort. They can be used for specific applications in the military, medical, protective wear, and sports and leisure wear markets. Typical products include raincoats, sleeping bags, surgical coats, gloves, trousers, operating theater covers and drapes, and mattress covers.

We export to customers worldwide. We haev greements with leading international suppliers and manufacturers.

Fabrics : AIR/WATER/DUST Filter
Stabilized Stretch Comfort Control NetLace Warp Knit Meshes
Apparel end-uses ... Activewear
Men's, women's and children's sportswear
Athletic Women's ready-to-wear
Dresses Bridal/Nets/Tulles
Intimate Apparel

Industries Served ...
Home Furnishings
Sporting Goods
High-Tech Military & Institutional Products
Novelty Fabrics
Automotive Fabrics

We encourage close interaction with customers in the development and application of products
manufactured by our Technical/industrial fabrics Div . Many successful end uses have been airbags, awnings, marine products, rental tents and truck covers. Our customers a re guaranteed the newest in fibers, fabrics and treatments

Geotechnical Fabrics and Geosynthetics Materials and Fabrics in Architecture: We welcome
We welcome architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers and other specifiers for use of our fabrics in structures, and discuss with them the fibers and fabrics to use in their design possibilities, their construction, and acceptance. Fabric Architecture includes awnings, canopies, flags, banners, tension structures and other end products.


Textiles for Airforce