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Address :

Haren Textiles Pvt Ltd
Western Exp Hwy,
Before Toll Naka,
Dahisar [e]
Mumbai India 400068

Tel. : +91-22 28966764 / 28965042 / 28964390 / +91-7045783061
Fax : 91-22-28965707
E-mail : htldahisar [at] gmail.com

About Us


NAME Haren Textiles Pvt Ltd
ADDRESS Western Exp Hwy,
Before Toll Naka, 
Dahisar [e] 
Mumbai India 400068
TELEPHONE +91-22 28966764 / 28965042 / 28964390 /
FAX 91-22-28965707
SALES Group Sales USD 27 Million 
  • 100% Polyester yarns
  • NON-APPAREL Technical & Industrial Textiles


Each day 72000 meters is manufactured dyed and delivered.
Every meter is custom-made and under specific order from customers.

Weaving Machines :

High Speed Flexible State-of- the-Art Japanese Water-Jet Looms with microprocessors. Maximum Finished Width=60".  Deniers used 15D to 3600D. Dobbies, Jaquards, Satins and special Apparel and Non-Apparel fabrics are made on these Machines. Nylon, Polyester, Poly+Cotton, Nylon+Cotton, Poly+Viscose, etc are used to make specialty Apparel and Non-Apparel Technical Fabrics.

Warp-knit Machines :

Made in Germany by the  world's best

The same Warpknit textiles available in the World, can be made on these Machines.. Maximum Width: 120"

Dyeing and Finishing :

State of the art modern dyeing and finishing machines including those from UK, Italy, France, Switzerland. Every machine needed to make Top Quality,  Specialty novelty fabrics, including Laminating and Raising/Brushing machines for processing Polyesters and blended fabric are installed. All machines are highly sophisticated and precise, enabling customers to get specialized fashion fabrics
and textiles for diverse industrial uses. These microprocessor and computer controlled machines enables Haren Textiles to guarantee consistency and accuracy in Colour and Finishing and the adherence to customer specifications.


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